Startup Thamizha TN Top 100 Startups Season 1

First leg of TN Top 100 startups pitch fest Update

The 23rd May 2024 event saw a good participation from 62 startups, 100 plus founders and 12 Lead investors.

ceo of startup tn sivaraja address to startups

The day was structured into Pitch sessions as per theme of Consumer, B2B and Deeptech and also individual one to one sessions requested by Investors.

We had lunch and dinner networking for startups and investors and icebreaker sessions.

Leading investors like Refex Capital, Upaya, Anicut Capital, 8X VC, Native Lead, TNIFMC, Campus fund, Pontaq, Inc44, Transition and Beej were part of the process.

The pitch day was hosted at Startup TNs new campus facility at CMRL building in Chennai.

ceo of startup tn sivaraja address to investors

Mr Ck Kumaravel special address to founders. At pitchfest sessions startups present their innovative business ideas to investors, aiming to secure funding and these sessions facilitate networking, feedback, and potential investment opportunities for startups.

ceo of natural salon CK Kumara Vel address to investors
pitchfest session startup thamizha top 100

Special thanks to Mr Arun Natarajan and Mr Siddarth of Venture Intelligence for being the screening & process partner for Startup Thamizha.

Dates for Second leg of the pitch fest with 50 plus Startups will be announced shortly.

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