What is Startup Thamizha?

Startup Thamizha is a platform dedicated to fostering and supporting Tamil Nadu-based startups. We help startups find the funding, resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities they need to grow. Simultaneously, we assist investors in identifying the right startup opportunities for investment.

What stage should my startup be in to apply for Startup Thamizha support?

To be eligible for Startup Thamizha support, your company should be beyond the idea stage and have at least a prototype. We aim to work with startups that have a tangible product or service to offer.

Is it necessary for my startup to be registered to apply for Startup Thamizha?

Yes, it is a requirement for your startup to be registered. This ensures that your business is legally recognized and allows us to provide appropriate support. If you haven't registered your startup yet, we recommend doing so before applying.

What types of business does Startup Thamizha support?

Startup Thamizha supports a wide range of startups & MSME across various industries, including technology, healthcare, agriculture, and more. We welcome diverse ideas and innovations that have the potential to make a significant impact.

How do I register with Startup Thamizha?

Visit our website, click on the "I want to raise funds" button and complete the application form. Ensure you provide comprehensive information for a better chance to be among the final 50 startups selected to be on TV.

What kind of support does Startup Thamizha offer to selected startups?

Startup Thamizha provides a range of support, including mentorship, networking opportunities, access to funding, and resources for business development.

Can I apply for Startup Thamizha if my startup is not based in Tamil Nadu?

Currently, Startup Thamizha focuses on supporting startups based in Tamil Nadu. However, we encourage you to explore other regional or national startup support programs that may align with your location.

How does Startup Thamizha contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Tamil Nadu?

Startup Thamizha actively collaborates with industry experts, investors, and government bodies to create a vibrant ecosystem for startups. Through various initiatives, events, and partnerships, we aim to catalyze innovation and contribute to the overall growth of the startup community in Tamil Nadu.

How will startups be selected in the Startup Thamizha program?

Startups will undergo a rigorous 5-stage evaluation process. Initially, applications are reviewed on the Accubate platform by industry experts and analysts. Those that pass this stage move on to submit a recorded video pitch, which is further screened by ecosystem experts. The third stage involves in-person live pitches. The fourth stage sees the shortlisted startups going through a bootcamp and simultaneous reviews by investors and industry experts. Finally, the top 50 startups make their pitch for investment live on TV to our Jury.

Who are the Jury members for Startup Thamizha?

The esteemed Jury for Startup Thamizha includes Dr. A Velumani, founder of Thyrocare; Mr. Sivarajah Ramanthan representing Startup TN; and a representative from Refex Group. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Startup Thamizha. They play a crucial role in the final investment decision-making process for the startups presenting their pitches on TV, thereby shaping the financial future of the showcased businesses.

Who are the lead investors associated with Startup Thamizha?

The lead investors supporting Startup Thamizha include Dr. A. Velumani, Founder of Thyrocare; Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder of Bharat Matrimony; Mr. Prem Kumar Barthasarathy, Managing Partner of Pontaq; Vedha Arun, Executive Director of Nativelead. These lead investors play a crucial role in providing financial support, mentorship, and strategic guidance to the selected startups, contributing to their success in the entrepreneurial journey.